Stone Ridge Creamery “We Love Making Ice Cream” ™

A simple taste can take you back…

…Back to days filled with sunshine and bike rides to the local ice cream stand. Our quality ice cream can bring the same delight to your family, just the way you remember it.

At Stone Ridge Creamery® we love making and eating ice cream. It’s our passion. We use only the best ingredients and don’t take any shortcuts. Whichever of our forty flavors you choose… there’s a guaranteed smile in every scoop. Stone Ridge Creamery – Sharing premium ice cream with your children is a delicious tradition.

These delicious options are ready for you to enjoy:

  • Sherbet
  • Ice Cream
  • Light Churned Ice Cream
  • Tart Frozen Yogurt

Get It Today!

Look for Stone Ridge Creamery in your local store and pick up a carton. In fact, your family’s going to love it so much, you might want to pick up two.